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How To Stop Beard Itch When Growing Your Facial Hair

You have finally decided to grow that beard you have always dreamed of. You have spent the last few months convincing your girlfriend, and finally she not only agrees but you have her full support. After all what is not to like about men with an epic looking mane. To make things even better your boss is not giving you that awkward “you are embarrassing me look” he has come to terms with you growing a full beard. Your beard is showing all the signs of becoming that perfect, luxurious, mass of manliness you have always wanted. People on the street glimpse at your mane and smile thinking “he has done it, I want a beard like that”, you smile...

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How To Cure Beard Dandruff And Get Rid Of It For Good

Let’s face it, beards and all types of facial hair styles are everywhere now. Many men, including myself still see their mane as an expression of personality, masculinity, a fashion statement, or a grooming shortcut. I understand that some of us think that growing a beard would save you a great deal on face washes, moisturizes, overpriced blades, and not to mention the time and effort it takes to keep a clean shaven face. And they just let it grow being utterly unaware of a flaky secret that many facial hairs hide, the beard dandruff. Beard dandruff is no fun. In fact, it's ugly and frustrating... No need to worry though. On this guide we'll tackle this very common condition...

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How to Make Your Beard Soft And Straight

A very common question that I get all the time is how to make your beard soft and straight. And for a good reason. When you first start growing a beard this isn’t something that you had in mind. Don’t you worry though. I prepared this article for you to guide you step by step and understand how to soften your beard easily and with not too much effort. Fellow manly gentlemen, I am sure you have noticed, orange is no longer the new black. Beard is! Since 2011 on, haute couture fashion brands, such as Jean Paul Gautier, Giorgio Armani and all the others we so much want to wear but most of the times can’t afford, have started...

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