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Beard Balm - Woodland Harmony

65 reviews

Here's the beard balm you've been looking for

No barbarians here. Every beard on our watch is tamed and under control.

With this premium beard balm, part of our Woodland Harmony series, you can easily ensure that your face looks good no matter what unexpected events you find yourself tangled in.

There is nothing more amazing than knowing everything about your face is tame and healthy. It would be shame to mistaken for savage due to the state of your facial hair.

Never risk being mistaken for a caveman, simply apply this beard balm to your beard and feel like a king.

It’s quick and simple to use as well as never oily or greasy. Even if you only have two seconds, this all-natural and vegan beard balm should be at the top of your grooming routine.

Notice the difference in your beard with just a few uses

After just a few uses you will see that your beard itch, beard dandruff and split ends have been eliminated. You will also notice that your facial hair is softer and grooming is increasingly manageable. Actually, when the hair and skin on your face are nourished, everything about you becomes more agreeable.

There is an art to manliness and no man who grows a beard should leave his prized locks wild or his skin moisture free.

Spoil yourself with the best beard care product with all-natural ingredients and soften your beard while smelling amazing!

A scent that will blow your mind

As an added bonus this balm boasts an amazing scent that does not interfere with your favorite cologne.

Derived from natural essential oils, its musky and sweet fragrance is the essence of all things male. A delightful yet discreet blend of Cedar Wood, Sandalwood and a secret mix of more than 4 essential oils elevate you from average to looking immaculate and smelling well-washed.

Don’t be afraid.

Show off the man you are, it is all in the details of your beard.

Make sure you also check the other products from Woodland Harmony Series, such as our Best Smelling Beard Oil and the Beard Shampoo.

This awesome beard balm is made in United Kingdom just like all of our beard care and shaving products.

In case you're wondering how to use a beard balm, we have to say that it can't get any easier.

How to use beard balm in 3 quick steps

  1. Just use the back of your thumb nail to scrape a bit of balm and then melt it by rubbing it between your palms. You don't need more than a pea-size amount -and that's even a lot for short beards.
  2. Once you melt it, start applying it to your beard by starting from the tips of your facial hair and work your way towards the roots.
  3. Massage for a few seconds, and you're good to go!

You can also use a beard brush to make sure that the balm is nicely distributed across the entire length of your beard.