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Beard Brush - Oval Shaped Pear Wood With Natural Boar Bristles


Not just a Beard Brush, so much more

In the battle over a perfectly tame beard, dainty combs and brushing your hair with your fingers just does not cut it. Arm yourself with this top quality beard-grooming weapon and bask in facial hair victory.

Made especially for bearded warriors like you, this boar bristle beard brush is designed to not only detangle your hair but clean, smooth and add shine.

With this brush in hand, no beard stands a chance at being unkempt. We are confident that looking disheveled will be a thing of your past. Made from durable pear wood with an oval shape, it is intended to fit comfortably in your hand. Never again step on to the bearded battlefield feeling disorderly; this brush is your defense.

Get ready to confidently go into combat and win the war over messy facial hair. This is not game; brushing your whiskers is a serious mission that you must boldly and bravely take on.

Allow your beard to flourish triumphantly

Designed for all hair types, the bristles of this natural beard brush are 100% wild boar and are first cut. That means they are stiff enough to take on thick beards but flexible enough to never rip or pull hair.

Dense but not too dense, each bristle is perfectly spaced. All man with varying growths and thicknesses will enjoy using it.

When it comes to hair health, this specifically designed brush for beards is your secret weapon. Its boar hairs aid in spreading natural skin oils, which ultimately leads to a softer beard. Not only does spreading your natural oils from root to end make your beard softer, its expertly chosen bristles help to improve hair and skin health too.

Every man will notice the difference. After each brushing you will be left with clean hair and exfoliated skin.

The tool you need to complete your look

Smooth, soft and clean hair is one thing, a beard that has evenly applied product is a compete win.

No man wants to feel clumps of beard balm in their hair or have oil on some whiskers and not others. Effortlessly spread your favorite Seven Potions (beard oil, beard balm, beard wax) product across your beard with this high quality facial hair brush and ensure you hit every spot.

With effective application of your favorite product, you will never waste a drop. Your weapon of beard grooming choice just became something you will reach for day after day, no second thoughts.

Un-complicate winning the beard battle; this boars bristle brush is ideal for easy-going men like you.

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