Beard Comb

£ 10.97

We know better than anyone that daily facial hair maintenance and grooming is one easy key to your social and business success, and that’s exactly why we’ve designed and created our Seven Potions Beard Comb!

Your Beard Should Be the Envy of All

Designed and manufactured exclusively in England, our Beard Comb is sawcut then hand-polished, hand-buffed and expertly handcrafted to create the smoothest, most comfortable, absolutely non-damaging combing action which will be an invigorating pleasure not only for your hair, but also a much healthier break for your skin as well.

Let’s face it, itchy, irritated skin just isn’t fun for anyone!

With Seven Potion’s Beard Comb, you can go a long way to enjoying both the look of your beard as well as the comfortable condition of your healthier, happier face underneath it. In addition, our Beard Comb is made entirely of cellulose acetate, a unique, non-petroleum-based polymer which will stimulate your hair cuticle’s natural oils as it-

  1. Promotes stronger, shinier, healthier hair
  2. Resists static cling
  3. Pulls excess moisture from your beard

All as it works its gentle, healthy magic.

Each and every day!

Beard Grooming Need Never be a Chore Again

As your grooming process evolves into a healthier, more comfortable—and, yes—more pleasurable 3 minutes a day, you’ll actually and actively begin to enjoy your daily grooming sessions, along with the smiles of appreciation you’ll be receiving in return- on the streets, in the office, and after hours.

Looking in the mirror and…

Liking what we see…

Your Seven Potion’s Beard Comb will help you confidently enhance both those daily pleasures!

About our beard comb:

  • Made exclusively in England.
  • Features our integrative Coarse and Thin hair tooth design.
  • An excellent, healthier choice for any and all facial hair lengths, thicknesses and styles.
  • Sawcut and hancrafted entirely from cellulose acetate- a durable, flexible and completely sustainable non-petroleum polymer which continuously resists static cling and pulls excess moisture from your hair due to its natural hygroscopic properties (and without sustaining water damage).
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 3 cm.

A Few Good Reasons To Buy From Seven Potions

We are company that is dedicated to manliness and delivering excellence.

Our products are made from premium ingredients that are carefully sourced by reputable suppliers. By following a very strict supplier selection we ensure the quality and safety of our products.

Every product that we sell has been thoroughly tested by our company so that you're rest assured that you receive a product that meets the highest standards.

We are very strict with the type of products that we choose to produce and we don't compromise for anything less than a premium product.

Part of our commitment in delivering suerior quality and performance, is the selection of the containers. We prefer having bottles and tins that guarantee safety, durability, practicality and performance rather than offering just a beautiful container.

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