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Beard Balm - Citrus Tonic

39 reviews

Give your beard Impeccable, god-like health and stamina.

Part of our Citrus Tonic collection, this beard balm brings you touchable, manageable facial hair. With just a few uses, your beard and you will look and feel distinguished.

Always tame and soft, a true god-like man possesses a beard that holds its composure even in the most chaotic situations. To obtain such facial hair, one must care for it with the utmost respect.

Never oily or greasy, just the right amount of moisture.

The difference in your beard will happen nearly immediately. Developed to eliminate split ends and dandruff, with this beard balm your hair is not only getting a treatment fit for a god, your face is getting one too.

After all, manageable hair starts with the skin. When your skin is happy your beard is much more agreeable and easy to groom.

Made with all your needs in mind, this spectacular all-natural, vegan formula expertly assists you in taking control of your bearded situation. Not only giving you the ability to tame your beard, it also delivers you hair that smells like a god.

Re-energize your god-like appeal with Citrus Tonic.

No man can feel his best with hair that does not smell its best. In order to achieve optimum appeal, this balm boasts a subtle citrusy scent mixed with afternotes of musk and woods that gives you a never overpowering, refreshing and manly smell.

A unique combination of lemon, cedarwood, and sandalwood essential oils; each time you smooth a layer of into your hair, you will instantly be transported back in time to Mediterranean kingdoms and palaces.

Get ready to often be mistaken for a man with mystical powers, when your beard looks this good nothing will stand in your way.