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Beard Wax - Citrus Tonic

24 reviews

A beard wax fit for a king, maybe even a god.

Take a trip to a place where every man has a well-maintained beard.

Part of the Citrus Tonic collection, our beard wax shapes your facial hair while delivering you vital nourishment.

Afterall, It must be said. A well-groomed beard, defines a bearded gentleman. 

Wax that delivers you impeccable shape as well as health.

Offering you just the right amount of hold without leaving your beard stiff or sticky, this all-natural, vegan wax also infuses your hair with moisture as well as hydrates your skin.

With every whisker superbly in place on your face and well-conditioned, it is only suiting that your skin is just as favored. Developed to tame the most unruly hair strand while helping you get rid you of dandruff and beard itch, each high-quality ingredient is chosen specifically for the ability to nourish your skin.

Each use of this wax leads to a stronger, longer, healthier beard. Meaning that, with this wax on your side, your appearance matches your inner strength and vitality.

Otherworldly appearance as well as a captivating fragrance.

By now we know that a healthy beard is the way to portray your powerful character. However, with the assistance of this wax, you also elevate your appeal with a scent fit for the most prestigious of men.

Boasting a rich combination of lemon, cedarwood, and sandalwood essential oils, this wax pleasantly uplifts your senses without overpowering your natural aromas.

Subtly with citrus overtones as well as afternotes of musk and wood, it is a distinguishably manly fragrance. One that is similar to times spent basking in Mediterranean sunshine beneath a lemon tree, enjoying the bounty of a late summer season.

Truly a beard wax made for the most elite of men, it only takes one use to understand the excellence that comes along with defined, well-groomed facial hair.