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What's Pre Shave Oil And How To Use It Like A Pro

There are a lot of shaving products out there for men, but - for our money - one stands out above all others as being severely underrated. We are talking, of course, about pre-shave oil. Most men - if they’re using a razor - will go straight into the lathering phase before shaving. Taking a few extra moments to apply pre-shave oil can be a game-changer. That goes both for those with particularly sensitive skin, and for those who simply want to take better care of their skin. We’re guessing that, like most men, pre-shave oil isn’t currently a part of your shaving routine. That’s a mistake, and we’re here to explain why. Read on to find out what exactly...

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How To Use Shaving Soap: All You Wanted To Know

One of my earliest memories related to my grandfather is how proudly he took care of his grooming kit. It was really simple. Single safety razor with couple of spares, rustiq bristle brush and a tiny piece of hard white soap. I never truly understood why he went through all that trouble when he could’ve gone the easy road and get a foam and a cartridge razor. I held that opinion until I got a fresh wet shave at the barber, and I made sure he was using the same soap brand as my grandad. What makes soap the smart choice? Besides feeling like a WWII pilot on the battlefront, soap brings series of health benefits you need to consider...

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How To Use Shaving Cream Like A Pro

Regardless of your current facial hair preference, one thing is true for all men; when a boy ages into his teenage years he begins to have noticeable facial hair. At this point in his life, he must learn to shave. If your experience was like many men, someone gave you a cheap razor and a can of shaving cream and told the equivalent of have at it. These men were the lucky ones as many other men were never given any form of instruction and were, either, left to figure it out for themselves or were destined to have the lowest form of a mustache humanly possible. When we got to a place where shaving became part of our daily...

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