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Shaving Set - Safety Razor and Shaving Brush


Shaving is a ritual that every gentleman should be able to enjoy. This set includes two of the essential tools needed to make that happen.

At Seven Potions, we know how important a clean and close shave is and what it involves. That’s why we developed the Safety Razor and Shaving Brush in tandem. Together, they protect skin while helping a gentleman look his best.

And now they’re available together.

The perfectly balanced handle of the Shaving Brush makes for a firm grip, allowing you to whip your Shave Cream into a nice, rich lather. The ultra soft, synthetic bristles are ideal for lifting and coating the hairs on your face while lubricating and protecting the skin below.

Now, enter the Safety Razor. The weighted handle is easy to hold and its heft helps guide the single blade razor gently over your skin and cleanly through facial hair. This lessens the chance of ingrown hairs and skin irritation associated with razor burn. In addition to being kinder to your skin, it’s also a better choice for your wallet and the environment as it doesn’t use disposable plastic cartridges.

A winning combination that works even better when paired with other Seven Potions products, this shave set is ideal for anyone looking to cultivate an excellent shaving routine.