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Seven Potions Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

Seven Potions respects our environment as much as we do each of our customers.

And that’s a lot.

Sustainability is at the core of who we are. From product to package, and the container in between, everything has been carefully sourced and chosen.

We’re here to show everyone that looking good and feeling great about our appearance need never be at odds with a commitment to a better planet for ourselves and future generations.

This is how we’re doing it.

Our Ingredients

Vegan-friendly, cruelty free, and natural ingredients are a priority.

We’ve replaced RSPO palm oil with other natural ingredients that achieve even better results. For any ingredients that may include palm oil in their composition, we always make sure that is in the RSPO (Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil) list.

We make these efforts to bring our company further in line with our vision and commitment to the planet and creatures who inhabit it.

Our Containers

We ditched plastics made from fossil fuels and replaced them with a biopolymer produced from the waste products of sustainably sourced and entirely renewable sugarcane.

When we’re not using our sugarcane alternative to house our unique formulations, you’ll find them in glass and metal containers.

And it’s all recyclable! We even avoid labels, instead printing directly onto our containers, further increasing recyclability and making it easier to do so.

Our Packaging

You might have noticed some of our products that are wrapped in a film. This is a bio-based film that is entirely recyclable. Like our sugarcane containers, there are no fossil fuels plastics here.

As for your orders, we only use

  • Recycled carton boxes,
  • Biodegradable/compostable void-filling packing peanuts and
  • Padded envelopes that are made of 100% recycled paper fibre lining instead of plastic-padded envelopes.
  • Last but not least, our carton adhesive tape is made from sustainable and naturally degradable materials. It’s 100% recyclable and it doesn't need to be removed from boxes before recycling.