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Double Edge Safety Razor

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The Safety Razor is a necessary tool for the modern gentleman seeking an ideal shave. It’s a return to the times of our forefathers, when shaving was simple.

A Seven Potions Safety Razor delivers multiple benefits that all gentleman will appreciate.

The perfectly balanced handle is weighted to sit comfortably in your hand, which helps to deliver a close and clean shave. The single blade system saves skin from irritation, keeps money in your wallet, and produces less waste which helps the environment.

The Safety Razor helps you both look and feel your best, one shave at a time.

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Save Your Skin

Our Safety Razor is a great choice when it comes to fending off razor burn and protecting skin from irritation. Especially for those gentlemen with sensitive skin.
Ask any barber experienced in the art of shaving and they’ll tell you that a single, sharp blade outperforms multi-blade, disposable cartridge alternatives every time.

A single blade razor cuts more cleanly through hair and lessens the chances of ingrown hairs and skin irritation. Multi-blade systems tend to tug and pull at hairs, sometimes cutting hair below the skin level, leaving nicks that could become infected.

Our Safety Razor won’t inflict this cruel and unusual punishment on any gentleman’s skin. Simply start at a 90° angle, and slowly tilt the handle until it makes contact with your hair. Shave slowly, with the grain, allowing the weight of the razor to do the work. Rinse the blade after each swipe and thoroughly after finishing. It’s that easy.

Save Your Money

Shake off the financial shackles of the multi-blade, disposable razor cartridge system. With our Safety Razor, you’ll gain the freedom to choose which blades you use. The double edge razor blades that fit into the Seven Potions Safety Razor are generic, not proprietary. And many kinds are widely available both in stores and online.

Interested in cutting the amount you spend on razor blades in half? Or more? This is the way.

Save the Environment

As mentioned, our Safety Razor utilizes double edge razor blades. These are made of recyclable metal with no other materials. There’s a complete absence of plastic, something we at Seven Potions are committed to using less of out of respect for our environment.

Disposable, single use razors and cartridge heads infuse plastic and metal in their designs. That makes them harder to recycle with more ending up in landfills.

By switching to our Safety Razor, you’ll be doing the environment a favour.