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Hair Paste Style Kit


Tousled or Neat, Get the Style You Want

If you're looking for a complete hair care solution that will give you the best results, look no further than the Seven Potions Hair Paste Styling Kit. This fantastic set includes our premium hair paste, shampoo, conditioner, and comb — everything you need to achieve healthy, stylish hair.

The star of this show is our Hair Styling Paste, a product that can do it all. It's a versatile formula that provides a medium hold with a natural matte finish. It's perfect for adding texture and manageability to your hair, creating everything from a messy bedhead look to a sleeker and more defined coif. Perfect for all hair types and washes out effortlessly.

Pairing perfectly with our paste is our deep-cleansing Hair Shampoo. It's powerful enough to wash away the day's debris but designed to rehydrate gently, leaving your locks looking healthy and full. Follow up with our replenishing Hair Conditioner for an extra hydration dose. It's a blast of moisture for your hair that helps you say goodbye to tangled and brittle locks. Strengthen hair and fight split ends and frizz with this top-shelf conditioner, gentle enough for daily use.

To complete your hairstyle, we've included our saw cut and hand-polished Hair Comb. Made from cellulose acetate, a durable, flexible, and sustainable non-petroleum polymer, it's gentle on hair and resists static. So whether you're looking for a simple style or something more sophisticated, this comb will help you achieve the look you want.

Get the Seven Potions Hair Paste Styling Kit today and experience the difference that premium hair care products can make. Your hair will thank you.