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The Right Tool for the Job

Taking pride in your appearance begins with a quality grooming routine that extends to maintaining your look throughout your day by using the right tools for the job. The modern gentleman knows that his hair, whether it be on his face or his head, deserves to be treated and styled with both precision and care.

This is why every personal grooming toolkit must include a proper, high-quality hair or beard comb. Seven Potions has developed options for both, to meet the needs of the diverse modern gentleman.

Our combs are hand-crafted and manufactured with precision. They are sawcut and hand polished from cellulose acetate, a durable, flexible, and sustainable non-petroleum polymer. In addition to being eco-friendly and gentle, moving smoothly through hair without breaking it, they also resist static and pull excess moisture from your hair as they work.

If you’re still unsure about the necessity, allow us to explain more why a Seven Potions Hair or Beard Comb is a must-have item for every gentleman, regardless of beard or hair type.

What a Seven Potions Comb is Essential

A Seven Potions Comb will ensure better beard and hair health as well as appearance. Our combs tame and style, while making use of your carefully selected and applied Seven Potions Beard and Hair products. Being saw-cut and hand polished means our combs are smooth and can spread product evenly and effortlessly, without damaging your hair.

By regularly combing your beard and hair, you stimulate the hair follicles below to increase blood flow. This better circulation brings about more oxygen, encouraging the production of sebum, a natural oil your body produces. Our combs will then help spread that sebum along your hairs, leading to better health and appearance for your hair or beard.

Our combs are ideal for a variety of beard and hair types, from long to short, thin to thick. They can be used with or without product and on wet or dry hair.

Beard Comb

At 14cm long with teeth spaced both closely and wide apart, our Beard Comb is ideal for gently working through tangles of a longer beard as well as styling and directing manes of any length. It also makes a great pocket comb for both beard and head hair when on the go.

Hair Comb

At 18cm long, our Hair Comb offers a longer body for added control with close and wide spaced teeth ideal for thin or coarse hair. Use it to ensure a head free of tangles and style product. And if so inclined, put it to work in longer beards as well.