Pre-Shave Oil - Pure Equilibrium

£ 14.97

It's about time for an enjoyable shave

A pampered man is a lucky man. Especially when it comes to wet shaving.

With the use of the Pure Equilibrium Pre-shave oil you will always feel as though you have just walked out of the barber after a hot shave with a straight blade. The barber is what we call a “man-spa”; sadly not all of us get this treatment on a regular basis.

You, like many men, might dream of this kind of special close shave treatment but rarely get the time to go do it.

An irritation-free, super close shave at home may seem like a miracle but even you deserve to have your dreams come true.

This scentless pre-shave oil is exactly the trick that will make your inner manly desires come to life.

No more skin irritation

Rub some of this lubricating formula on your skin before you shave and watch magic happen. Ideally, you can use it before you lather your favorite shaving soap or cream for extra irritation-free shaving.

The great thing about this pre-shave oil is that you can also use it as a shaving cream alternative, depending always on the thickness of your beard.

Perfect for beard shaping

If you grow a beard, there's nothing better to use for beard shaping. Simply apply it on the area you'd like to shave and watch the magic happens.

Your skin will be better protected with this oil. Which means the chance of nicks or cuts is greatly decreased. So is the appearance of after-shave redness. With this oil, shaving becomes hassle-free and a delight.

Get a close shave without the hassle

Even the most sensitive skin types will enjoy getting a close, barber-like shave. It is fragrance-free to avoid further skin agitation without interfering with the scents of your lather.

We insist, this pre-shave oil is what every man, bearded or not, should use when wet shaving or beard shaping.

Use it for a full-face shave -if your beard growth isn't too dense, cleaning up around the edges of your beard as well as on the back of your neck.

Hydrated and soft, the difference in your post shave skin will be clear.

Who knew dreams do come true. Well, at least the dream of getting a smooth, exceptionally close shave at home can come true.

100 % Natural, Organic, Cruelty Free Ingredients

  • Organic olive oil (olea europaea)
  • Organic rose hips oil (rosa rubginosa)
  • Organic evening primrose oil (oenothera )
  • Organic sweet almond oil (prunus dulcis amara)
  • Organic tea tree essential oil
  • Organic lavender essential oil
  • Organic lime extract
  • Vitamin E

Explore Seven Potions

If you're planning on using this pre-shave oil for your beard grooming routine, consider bundling it with the scentless beard oil from the same Pure Equilibrium product series. However, if you're just thinking about adding some scent on your beard, we highly recommend our manly scents, Woodland Harmony and Citrus Tonic beard oils.

This smooth pre shave oil for men is made in United Kingdom just like all of our beard care and shaving products.

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