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About us

Seven Potions was created in London offering premium beard care products

Seven Potions, One Mission: Cultivating Excellence

Quality, performance, and innovation meet respect, confidence, and sustainability at the core of every Seven Potions product. These elements are what inspire true solutions for the modern gentleman’s grooming needs. This is how we cultivate excellence.

Where we came from…

Our story begins in 2014 when Seven Potions founder, John Bouridis, saw a need and rose to meet it. The men’s grooming market was filled with mediocre products and John believed that not only he, but all men, deserved better. He assembled the Seven Potions team and together we began our journey.

In 2015, with the goal of creating unique, premium products for beard care, hair styling, and wet shaving, our first offerings were released.

When Seven Potions designs and produces a product, we put ourselves in your shoes in order to understand the expectations you have from a company like us. Everything we make has always been thoroughly tested and produced under strict safety and quality control guidelines that deliver a superior performance and a safe experience. We feel obliged to offer you nothing less than the best.

Since these humble beginnings, the Seven Potions commitment to help the modern gentleman upgrade his daily grooming routine, his appearance, and ultimately his self-confidence hasn’t changed. We continue cultivating excellence in the name of every individual who chooses to use our products.

Where we’re going…

Seven Potions is still carefully curating quality ingredients to grow our product line and offer an expanding array of grooming solutions to the modern gentleman. In addition to being a leader in the field of men’s grooming, we are pushing forward as a model in sustainable business practices.

We believe our commitment to being better doesn’t stop with our products or our customers but extends to the environment. We’ve taken numerous steps to ensure the ingredients in our products, the containers that hold them, and even the packaging they arrive in are sustainably sourced and as environmentally friendly as possible.

We invite you to read more about our commitment to sustainability and recycling on the relevant page. Seven Potions cares as much for our planet as we do for all the modern gentlemen that inhabit it. It’s just one more way we continue to cultivate excellence in the 21st century.

Won’t you join us?

It’s been said that a journey is best measured in friends, so we’d like to invite you along! After all, cultivating excellence is something we would love for you to join in on.

There are a few ways you can do this.

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You can also contact us if you want to get in touch with any questions, suggestions, feedback, or just to say hi.