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What's Pre Shave Oil And How To Use It Like A Pro

There are a lot of shaving products out there for men, but - for our money - one stands out above all others as being severely underrated. We are talking, of course, about pre-shave oil.

Most men - if they’re using a razor - will go straight into the lathering phase before shaving. Taking a few extra moments to apply pre-shave oil can be a game-changer. That goes both for those with particularly sensitive skin, and for those who simply want to take better care of their skin.

We’re guessing that, like most men, pre-shave oil isn’t currently a part of your shaving routine. That’s a mistake, and we’re here to explain why. Read on to find out what exactly pre-shave oil is, its benefits, and how you should apply it.

(A final note: pre-shave oil is often referred to as simply “shaving oil”. We’re using “pre-shave oil” here, as it’s a more accurate term, but to all intents and purposes they’re essentially the same thing.)

What Is Pre-Shave Oil?

Oils have been part of men’s shaving rituals since shaving was a ritual.

They were originally used after the shave was completed however, to soothe, perfume and protect the skin. The use of oil as something to use beforethe shave - as a complementary product to shaving cream - is a relatively recent phenomenon, having only become popular in the early 1990s.

Pre-shave oils tend to contain a few common ingredients, which are usually all-natural. You can get cheaper, less effective pre-shave oils with synthetic components, but the benefits that come from the natural approach far outweigh the slight extra cost.

The base ingredients are in most cases - as you can guess - oils. These can range from common oils like sunflower, almond, coconut and olive; to more unusual types like jojoba and argan. Your typical pre-shave oil will be made up of a combination of these ingredients, although some do consist of a single oil.

All of these oils provide some kind of benefit to your skin, although some of the advantages are specific to different types. Castor oil, for example, is a perfect option for men whose skin tends to try out, thanks to its moisturizing qualities. For those with skin that can often become greasy, sunflower oil is a great, light choice.

Pre-shave oils are also often rich in vitamins, providing even more nourishment for your skin. Vitamin E is a particularly common example of this, which carries a myriad of benefits all on its own; anti-oxidation, moisturisation and anti-inflammation, to name just a few.

Why Use Pre-Shave Oil?

Why use pre shave oil

In truth, we could drone on about the benefits of pre-shave oil all day. Why it still flies so far under the radar as a shaving product continues to baffle us, after all. For the sake of brevity, however, we’ll focus on just a few.

Many men have sensitive skin. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a fact of life. The problem is, however, that they follow the same shaving routine as men without sensitive skin, with the result being inflammation and irritation on a frequent basis.

A good pre-shave oil will be an enormous help in this regard. If you have sensitive skin, and still shave regularly, then we’d pretty much describe pre-shave oil as a “must own”.

The natural oils in this product will help to both soften and lift up the hairs on your face, making it a whole lot easier for a razor to cut through them. This might sound similar to the benefit which a shave brush brings, but simply rubbing on a pre-shave oil is much, much faster. This makes pre-shave oils a particularly appealing option for men who tend to be short on time when it comes to shaving.

Pre-shave oil also serves to lubricate your skin brilliantly. It effectively creates a buffer between your face and the razor, allowing the blade to pass over much more smoothly than it otherwise would. You’ll find that, rather than staying in the way of the blade and resisting its path, your skin will simply give way and allow it to pass over.

Accordingly, the unpleasant side-effects which can typically result from a close shave - namely cuts and razor burns - are far less likely when you simply apply some pre-shave oil beforehand.

The benefits of a good pre-shave oil don’t end at the conclusion of the shave, however. Many of the oils which are typically used in this product will actually help to moisturize your skin after your shave is completed. Notable examples of this include sunflower seed oil, castor oil and jojoba oil.

How to Use Pre-Shave Oil

You’re probably thinking pre-shave oils sound pretty great right about now. And you know what? You’re right. Now, it’s time to get practical.

Let’s take a look at how you should build pre-shave oils into your typical shaving routine. It’s a simple enough process, but it’s also important to make sure you get it right.

Pre-shave oils should be applied - you guessed it - before the shave and right before applying your favorite shaving cream. Whilst pre-shave oil will serve to lubricate your skin before the shave, you still don’t want to apply it directly after the shower while you're still wet. Instead, make sure your skin is a bit dry or damp beforehand but not dripping wet. It should not be soaking wet, as this will dilute the oil. The best times of all to apply this product are just after you’ve gotten out of the shower, or rinsed off an exfoliating wash.

If you’re looking to shave your entire face - i.e. not trim around the edges of a beard - then put a few drops of oil into one of your hands. Between four and eight drops should do the trick; the better pre-shave oils on the market will come with a pipette included to help you measure this out.

Rub your hands together for a few moments to warm the oil up a little, then begin to massage it into your face. You can be gentle here - the oil will do the hard work in permeating into your skin, so you don’t need to use a lot of pressure.

To ensure that the whole area is properly covered, we’d recommend massaging the oil in for around 20 to 30 seconds. If you feel your skin starting to dry out again - if it seems as if the oil is being absorbed already - then stop massaging.

Next, wait 30 seconds for the oil to do its business. You can spend this time cleaning the remaining oil from your hands, and preparing your safety razor and shaving cream.

Now, you should be ready to go. Simply apply your regular, high-quality shaving clean on over the top of the oil, and shave just like you usually do, savouring the newfound smoothness that’s come courtesy of the oil. The pre-shave oil will wash straight off afterwards along with the cream, and you can subsequently apply an aftershave as you normally would.

If you are looking to grow a beard, and you want to shave the areas around it, then the process remains almost identical. Simply make sure that you only apply the oil to the areas you do want to shave.

Seven Potions Pre-Shave Oil



Despite being a shaving product that’s largely flown under the radar, there are still plenty of options out there when it comes to buying pre-shave oil.

We have no hesitation at all, however, in stating that Seven Potions Pure Equilibrium Pre-Shave Oil belongs at the very top of the pile. You’ll certainly struggle to find a pre-shave oil to which more effort has been given.

We’ve taken the time to research, source and utilize the highest quality, most effective ingredients, and house them in the best possible container (something which is often overlooked when it comes to shaving products, and particularly pre-shave oil).

In Seven Potions’ very own pre-shave oil, you’ll get:

Completely natural ingredients

We don’t like putting synthetic, chemical-heavy products onto our skin if we can possibly help it. We’re guessing you feel the same.

Pure Equilibrium Pre-Shave Oil is made of 100% natural components. We’ve put together what we consider to be the perfect mixture of ingredients, including olive oil, sweet almond oil, lavender essential oil, lime extract and vitamin E. These completely organic substances grant you every benefit that comes with the best pre-shave oil, whilst still remaining entirely scent-free.

Shaving made easier

No more skin irritation. No more cuts. No more rashes.

The pre-shave oil is incredibly easy to apply, but it’ll bring you all of the aforementioned benefits and more. It’ll soften your hairs and protect your skin, helping to set up a smoother shave than you’ve likely experienced. You’ll get the feeling of having been for a close shave at the barber’s, without the hassle of leaving your home.

Of course, you won’t only feel the benefits of our Pure Equilibrium Pre-Shave Oil during your shave. You’ll feel them afterwards too. Your skin will feel smooth and fresh, and - thanks to our handpicked cocktail of natural and organic ingredients - will stay hydrated for longer.

Thoughtful packaging

Did you know that it’s far better to store pre-shave oil in a dark bottle than a light one? We specifically made our bottles out of dark glass, in order to reduce the light that could permeate the container, and better preserve the oil inside.

Every bottle of Seven Potions Pre-Shave Oil also comes with a pipette, allowing you to measure out precisely how much oil you’d like to use for each shave. We recommend four to eight drops, but we certainly invite you to experiment.


If you hadn’t heard of pre-shave oil before, then we’ll let you off; after all, it certainly hasn’t received the popularity that it deserves.

Now that you’ve read this article, however, there’s no excuse. Whether you shave regularly, or trim around a beard that you’re growing, pre-shave oil simply must become an essential part of your shaving routine. That’s especially true if you have sensitive skin when it comes to shaving, as many of us do.

Finally, this is one product where you certainly don’t want to skimp on the quality. If you want the best oil of all, then choose the all-natural, all-conquering Seven Potions Pure Equilibrium Pre-Shave Oil. Your skin will thank you for it.

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