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Beard Brush - Oval Shaped Pear Wood With Natural Bristles

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The Right Tool for the Job

A gentleman takes pride in his beard and so he should. Like other aspects of his appearance, it is important for him to use the proper tools to ensure health and upkeep. In much the same way he wouldn’t use his hands to smooth out wrinkles in a shirt or a pair of trousers, neither should he rely on his fingertips to detangle or style his beard.

This is why every personal grooming toolkit must include a proper, high-quality beard brush. Seven Potions has three options to meet the varied needs of the diverse modern gentleman.

But still unsure about the necessity? Allow us to explain why a Seven Potions Beard Brush is a must-have item for every gentleman, regardless of beard type or length.

Why a Seven Potions Beard Brush is Essential

Using Seven Potions Beard Brushes will ensure better beard health and appearance. They tame a gentleman’s potentially unruly face fur by using what the body is already producing to help achieve a beard that is both better looking and healthier.

It all begins by gently spreading the skins’ natural oils along the length of each hair. This is made possible by using only natural bristles, either boar or sisal, which do not damage hair like brushes made from synthetic materials are prone to do. These natural bristles, versus nylon alternatives, also carry those oils from follicle to tip, while straightening hairs in the process.

In addition to this, Seven Potions Beard Brushes exfoliate the skin below and stimulate blood circulation to the areas where they are used. This is great for reducing beard dandruff and encouraging the best beard growth possible.

Each Seven Potions Beard Brush is crafted from pear wood in an easy-to-grip, oval shape. This material is durable while allowing for the absorption of oils over time, perfect for use with our Seven Potions Beard Oils. With three bristle options, we have you covered regardless of whether you are a grower of a fierce mane, keeping it trim and tidy, or looking for that vegan alternative.

Firm: First-Cut Boar Bristles

For the gentleman who grows a thicker or longer beard, this option provides the perfect firmness to glide through a substantial forest of hair, taming while stimulating growth. If your beard is dense, getting longer, or you just enjoy that strong bristle feel, this is the best option for you.

Soft: Second-Cut Boar Bristles

For the gentleman with a sparser beard, sensitive skin, or who just keeps things short and trim, this softer option provides all the benefits of the first-cut bristles with a gentler touch. If you’re just beginning your beard growing journey or have decided to embrace a shorter look, this is the best option for you.

Vegan: Sisal Fibre

Made from the sisal plant, these fibres offer a plant-based, sustainable, and biodegradable option for the gentleman seeking a vegan alternative in beard brushes. The fibres are firm and durable, offering a solution for varied beard types. If boar bristles don’t match your lifestyle, but quality and performance are still of upmost importance, this is the best option for you.

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