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Brush Protector

12 reviews

A home for your brush

The Seven Potions Brush Protector is a gentleman’s way of saying thank you for the service his Beard Brush has provided him with. After all, hasn’t your Beard Brush worked hard for you, increasing the health and appearance of your beard by preventing breakage, unruliness, and split ends? Giving it a secure home to call its own is the reward it deserves.

The Brush Protector provides exactly that. It is a clean, dry place to store your Seven Potions Beard Brush when not in use.

Hand-crafted from birch wood, each Brush Protector created has a unique pattern making it one of a kind. Chosen for its strong and durable properties, birch is a hardwood with an elegant, clean-line grain. It is a symbol of renewal and purification, which speaks to the ritual of personal care that gentlemen everywhere engage in on a daily basis.

Using your Brush Protector is simple. Gently open the lid and place your Beard Brush inside. Take a moment to enjoy the view before closing the lid. We recommend a few gentle strokes of the smooth surface while taking a deep, peaceful breath or two. Repeat as necessary.

Keep your Brush Protector in a cool, dry place and avoid contact with water to maintain its pristine condition. It is best utilized when paired with a Seven Potions Beard Brush and an urge to cultivate excellence in your personal grooming routine.