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Shaving Brush


The Shaving Brush is an essential component of a gentleman’s personal grooming toolkit and routine.

The Seven Potions Shaving Brush starts with a perfectly balanced handle that sits comfortably in the hand, allowing for a firm grip. The brush extends into a multitude of ultra soft, synthetic fibers. These are perfectly designed to whip shave cream into a rich lather and carry it to your face.

Using our Shaving Brush will help ensure you get a cleaner, closer shave.

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The Importance of Lather

The bristles of our vegan Shaving Brush are designed to generate a rich, thick lather out of your Shave Cream. The lather is key to a smooth shave as it both protects and lubricates your skin.

To start, simply run your Shaving Brush under warm water to saturate the bristles. Shake off any excess water. Then, move the brush in a circular motion to whip up your lather. Apply a thick, even layer to your skin and wait 30 seconds before shaving. If the lather's consistency is too bubbly or dry, adjust the amount of cream or water used.

Prepare the Hair

Using circular motions, the Shaving Brush is perfect at delivering the lather you’ve just created. Go slowly, take your time, and enjoy the ritual. As you do, the bristles will lift and coat your hairs, which will reduce friction and prevent nicks and cuts.

A Win for your Skin

The gentle friction that the bristles of the synthetic Shaving Brush create not only softens facial hair, they also open your skin’s pores. This means a smoother shave, making irritation far less likely.

There is also the added benefit of skin exfoliation when using the brush. The bristles gently remove dead surface cells, which increases your skin’s overall health.

When paired with the Seven Potions Safety Razor, you will be doing your skin a true service, avoiding razor burn while keeping it vibrant and healthy.