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Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

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Hello Better Hair

An ideal combination, use Seven Potions Hair Shampoo and Conditioner together to achieve clean, soft, and noticeably healthy hair. Get these hard-working formulas together in this convenient bundle.

When used in tandem, they will rid your hair of dirt, debris, and excess oils along with unwanted odors that keep you from feeling and looking your best. While restoring moisture and hydration, our Shampoo and Conditioner will also nourish your scalp and leave your hair smelling great and distinctly masculine with their uniquely fresh and musky fragrance.

When it comes time to wash your hair, you know water won’t do. Instead, reach for Seven Potions Shampoo for deep-cleansing action. It’s powerful enough to wash away the day’s debris but designed to gently rehydrate, leaving your locks looking healthy and full.

Follow this with a replenishing blast of hydration by using Seven Potions Conditioner. Say goodbye to tangled, brittle hair and hello to shiny, more robust strands that are easier to comb or brush. It will also reduce split ends and static frizz, leaving your hair easier to style or laying neater if you decide to go natural with no product.

Both formulations also contain ingredients specifically designed to tend to scalp health, ridding you of dandruff, and promoting follicle health. Together, they promote hair growth and fullness, giving you more to work with.

An ideal gift for yourself or another gentleman in your life, this bundle is great for any who prioritize a healthy head of hair that you can both see and feel.